We develop custom projects

Our engineers work closely with you to understand your business, needs, and goals.

We place great importance on your users, with their experience at the heart of our design process.

We tackle the toughest technical challenges using cutting-edge industry tools.

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How can we help you?

1.Establish a strategy

Together, we think about the economic viability of your project. What problem are you solving? Who is your target audience? Where can you find them, and how can you attract them?

2.Create the prototype

The goal is to determine the key functionality that provides the main value, and then we develop it for you. At this stage, costs are constrained to focus on the essential aspects as quickly as possible.

3.Test the prototype with the target audience

We analyze the behavior of the target users when interacting with the developed solution. Based on their feedback and behavior, we improve the functionality to build a relevant and user-friendly product.

4.Design and build a scalable solution

Once the prototype is validated, we develop the digital solution using industry best practices, employing high-performance and scalable technologies.

5.Ensure project evolution

Is the project intended to be internalized? We train your teams to ensure the continuity of the project and seamless knowledge transfer.

Prefer to let us handle it? We optimize the project for effective management and provide visibility into associated maintenance costs.

Let's define your action plan together
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CEA - Atomic Energy Commission
Monitoring breast cancer patients using machine learning
Image of the Hope mobile application

Customer Reviews

4.92 / 5 (7 reviews verified by Sortlist)
Stella Laperutta
Stella Laperutta
Senior Brand Manager - Swile

I had the pleasure of working with Loop Crew agency and I have always been highly impressed by their rigor and availability.

At the highest level, the Loop Crew team is highly experienced and always knows how to solve the most complex problems with precision and efficiency.

Their engineers are also very cooperative and will easily adapt to any team and any project.

What I particularly appreciate about Loop Crew is their boundless commitment and determination to achieve the best possible results.

And that is concrete proof that the team is highly skilled and reliable from every point of view. I highly recommend Loop Crew as a web development agency.

Mickael Le Maillot
Mickael Le Maillot

Loop Crew is a brilliant team that always finds a solution to everything. We entrusted them with the development of a project in React.js and Node.js.

They showed unprecedented responsiveness, and we all appreciated their friendliness. I highly recommend them.

Enrique Sola
Enrique Sola
CEO - Sola Consulting

Honestly, a team of remarkable efficiency and reliability. Loop Crew quickly intervened on our issue and delivered a perfect result! I highly recommend them!

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We harness the power of digital technology for transition projects towards a low-carbon society.


" We must be pioneers "

We systematically work according to 3 values:

1.We take part in action

We use our skills to transition to a low-carbon world, both professionally and personally.

Image of the back of a road bike with a mud-covered wheel.
2.We think long-term

We don't follow trends or fads. We build sustainable solutions.

Image of an old village with stone houses and half-timbered floors.
3.We must be pioneers

We incorporate human, geopolitical, digital sovereignty, and climate issues into our thinking.

It's not just about code. These concepts have significant implications for the tech world and our partners' projects.

Image of an old train journeying through lakes and mountains.
Loop Crew Founders

Learn More

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